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Spiral Stairs: Practical and Gorgeous

Arden’s exquisitely crafted spiral stairs are efficient, stunning, and innovative.
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Spiral Stair
Spiral stairs are both aesthetically appealing and one of the most efficiently designed staircases for tight spaces. Many potential clients have odd preconceptions about spiral stairs, believing them to either be difficult to climb or simply not practical for commercial applications. According to Arden’s Heinz Peters, spiral stairs are not only easy to climb, but in many cases are actually less expensive to install than a traditional straight stair.

Structurally, the weight of the spiral stairs is borne by the central column. The thickness of the column determines not only the height of the stairs, but the width of the treads. Columns can be engineered to span several stories. The typical total diameter of spiral stairs ranges from a one and a half meters to three meters. Additionally, spiral stairs can be clad in virtually any material, from stone to glass to steel.

When drawing up an initial estimate for a project, Heinz considers the factors that go into site access. Most spiral stair applications fit into very limited spaces, requiring the stairs to be fabricated in precisely measured sections which are later joined at the installation site. Other sites are wide enough to allow the stairs to arrive in one piece from the fabrication floor.

Although Heinz personally prefers an open, airy spiral stair, he’s always up for the challenge of engineering more opaque, sculptural forms. He notes that “the balustrade is always the element that makes the greatest aesthetic impression. For a great looking set of stairs, it’s crucial that the balustrade has an even helical shape.”

Published on: 17-Nov-2010. Topic/s: Feature staircase design