Spiral Stair Design

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Innovative Spiral Staircase Design

In order to effectively realise a feature spiral staircase, the project must be managed from initial concept to final installation. Read more about Arden's approach.

Designing a spiral staircase is not simply a matter of slip-mounting stair treads around a central column; it is instead a process of realising the perfect assembly of material, and synchronising it to the demands of a particular space. From hot-dipped galvanized steel to the elegant, warm tones of New Guinea Rosewood, our spiral staircases are composites of unusual and beautiful materials that provide a harmonious flow from one level to another. 

We firmly believe that a spiral staircase can be anything our clients want it to be. Advances in technology have allowed us to push past the ordinary boundaries of traditional design to forge altogether new and inventive works that challenge the notion of what a spiral staircase is. No matter what the particular requirements of the space, we work closely with our clients and the construction companies to design and execute our fully original staircase designs. Our emphasis on craftsmanship and our use of the best quality materials has allowed us to form close working relationships with some of the top architectural firms in Australia. Our dedication to innovative design continues to win us commissions in restaurants, offices, and private homes. 

    By their very nature, spiral staircases are a compact study in architectural efficiency and meticulous, high-end aesthetic standards. Arden Architectural Staircases designs spiral staircases to enrich the pre-existing sensibility of the space while simultaneously adding motion and dimension. We have designed staircases for our clients that link the ground floor to the roof of the house, creating a dynamic visual bridge between the domestic sanctuary and panoramic rooftop views. Other spiral staircases incorporate balustrades, or merge quietly with their surroundings to provide a sense of connection without an overbearing presence. Some staircases are designed primarily as vantage points from which to survey the interior of our client’s homes. Other spiral staircases serve as examples of our svelte creative functionality. We are also able to provide a compact mobility while enhancing the beauty of the interior space in busy working environments. 

    Arden Architectural Staircases enjoys the challenge of sustaining a carefully cultivated atmosphere while incorporating modern architectural ideas into our designs. By merging refined design with unbounded imagination, spiral staircase design does not have to be confined to conventional limits, but rather can function as a carefully considered emblem of an individual spatial environment.

Published on: 03-Aug-2010. Topic/s: Feature staircase design