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High Green Star Ratings Result From Exceptional Design

By observing the GBCA’s environmental standards, Arden’s installations elevate building ratings.
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As part of a wider effort to integrate sustainability in both the design and installation of its balustrades and staircases, Arden Architectural Staircases is pleased to have contributed to numerous building projects that received 4 and 5 Green Star ratings. Launched in 2003, the Green Star rating encourages builders across the continent to incorporate environmentally sound design principles. These principles include the use of recycled materials, design that amplifies natural heating and cooling properties, and tighter efficiency ratios of usable space. Comparable to the LEED standard used in the United States, a high Green Star rating brings favourable international attention to building developments.

Arden has extensive experience in working in environments where maximizing Green Star points is the goal. The firm concentrates on realizing the construction of innovative projects that conform to these high standards, creating a synergy of compelling forms with energy efficient credentials.

In addition to the environmentally conscious materiality of the staircases and balustrades, the actual forms themselves encourage greater circulation and light, benefiting the health of the occupants of the building. Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator reduces obesity and creates a more welcoming entrance space, increasing foot traffic into the building. Unlike the dampening effect of elevator cores, light interacts with staircases and balustrades. The GBCA is especially appreciative of projects that are not only green, but visually captivating.

As Arden's Matthew Browne explains, “By designing forms that contribute to a higher quality of life, each Arden installation helps developers earn higher points while retaining a distinctive architectural style.”

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