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Grading Criteria for Recycled Timber

With an emphasis on sustainability, ‘green’ timber is no longer freshly cut, but rather rigorously inspected.
As part of a larger effort to actively embrace the initiatives of the Green Building Council of Australia, Arden uses recycled Blackbutt timber to create staircase installations that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Among the hardwoods, Blackbutt timber is distinguished by its pale brown colour and exceptional malleability. Perfect for cladding, flooring, and decking, Blackbutt is well suited to Arden’s complex and innovative staircase designs. The timber manages to convey both warmth and elegance without appearing staid, as can be seen in the Arrow Energy Corporate Offices

Arden uses recycled timber that has been hand selected according to the meticulous standards of the Interim Industry Standard for Recycled Timber, which specifies individual grading criteria for both visual and structural use. Because these pieces of timber are often collected from different structures across a varied geographical area, each piece must be structurally inspected for its moisture content, incidence of knots and gum pockets, the slope of the grain, and its overall strength and stiffness.

Published on: 17-Sep-2010. Topic/s: Technical and architectural product information