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Design Elements Catalogue is now available for distribution

Architects and Designers can now contact us to have one of our beautiful catalogues sent out to you for your viewing pleasure!
G1 Balustrade Design-Fully framed panel balustrade
V1 Balustrade Design-Vertical timber battens on stainless steel frame and stanchions
Z2 Stair Design-Zig Zag mono stringer staircase
What's inside your binder?

Technical and design information on over 20 unique stair and balustrade designs, tailored to a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Each design is specified in its own 8-16 page technical data sheet, arranged alphabetically in the binder. The designs are referred to by code (Eg 'C4'), and are referenced by the index included on the inner front cover. Also included are reference data sheets on topics such as stair treads and patch fittings for glass balustrade and handrail.

How to use the design catalogue.
Use the index on the inner cover to quickly find the design you're interested in. The Arden design elements range has been created to help architects and interior designers avoid’re-inventing the wheel' when it comes to stair and balustrade specification. They can be treated as a 'resource kit', where elements can be combined to create complete stair and balustrade solutions. For example, the 'Z2' zigzag stainless steel mono-stringer can be combined with the 'F8' frameless glass balustrade on stainless steel patch fittings.

Looking for something different?

It's important to be aware that the Arden design elements each have their own properties that can be varied to suit an application. For example, the H6 half-height steel blade and glass balustrade may be specified with different types of steel blades, and with varying dimensions to suit different design loads. Other design elements, such as the P1 structural steel stair, primarily specify the construction and engineering method used, with the cladding methods completely variable to suit architectural intent.

Arden's design element range is designed to supplement, not replace our custom design, fabricate, and install service. If you're looking for support to help create and implement your own unique concept, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Published on: 10-Nov-2010. Topic/s: Technical and architectural product information