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Arden’s new multi-function A38/A50D patch fitting system provide unmatched structural support for glass

Arden announces the invention of a structural and aesthetic asset.

Patch fittings are rarely both beautiful and structurally sound. This is why Arden Architectural has designed a structurally supportive stainless steel patch fitting that allows architects to maintain a consistently appealing style while bridging different types of materials, from glass to concrete, to stanchion to handrail, to wall mounted features.

Part of the increased structural integrity comes from the thicker sized bolt that the patch fitting utilizes. Virtually all other patch fittings utilize an M10 grade connection - Arden has increased this to M12. In addition, the top fitting cap provides full thread for the button cap plus the thickness of the glass, so that there is at least 12mm of thread binding, compared to an average of 2-3mm of thread binding in conventional patch fittings.

Architects relish these patch fittings because they combine consistent aesthetics with the strength necessary to satisfy engineers when the glass panels play a structural role in a design. For example, stair and balustrade handrails can be mounted to cantilevered glass panels, adding an especially compelling visual line. Should the handrail transition from the cantilevered glass to a wall-mounted fixing, the consistent application of the A38/A50D system will maintain the stylistic tone. By specifying these patch fittings in their designs, architects can fully explore the possibilities of structural glass in their designs.

The versatility of the A38/A50D allows the patch fittings to be mounted directly on the blade of a stanchion, or positioned on wings from the top of the stanchion, as seen in Arden’s W4 element ( Not only is it a maverick structural solution, but the clean geometric form provides a far more arresting visual than the more complex profile of conventional patch fittings.

“The stainless steel patch fittings are a primary ingredient to our flagship style,” Arden’s Matthew Browne explains. “With their stark geometric look, the patch fittings create a modern impression while providing structural support.”

Published on: 03-Sep-2010. Topic/s: Technical and architectural product information,Feature staircase design