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Arden builds Telstra's commitment to green and healthy buildings in recycled timber

One of Arden's flagship projects demonstrates the use of recycled timber to achieve a green and healthy outcome for all employees
Telstra One Office
Telstra One Office
Telstra One Office
A focal point upon entry, this inspiring stair by Arden in the Telstra One building captures your attention instantly. Designed, fabricated, and installed by Arden using recycled timber from Kennedy's, the tread, balustrade, and wall cladding demonstrate the incredible character, colour, and grain of recycled Blackbutt.

Officially opened late last year by Premier Anna Bligh and Telstra CEO David Thodey, this building houses the Queensland headquarters of Australia's leading telecommunications company. With 22 floors of office space, the architect's intention was create an open and collaborative workplace culture.

The feature stairs play a key role in contributing to the open flow of people and ideas, and encouraging healthy movement rather than the use of lifts for office circulation. The stairs include built-in lighting that makes a big impact in creating a sense of atmosphere, while contributing to the safety of the stairs by illuminating the treads. The stairs are based on an innovative truss design, that invokes a sense of style coupled with innovative functionality. Lining the internal walls and staircases, Kennedy's timber highlights the versatility of recycled building products within a modern, commercial setting.

Architects are leading the way in developing green and healthy working spaces. Increasingly, feature office and commercial stairs are seen as playing a key architectural role in promoting healthy activity in the workplace. By ensuring appropriate material selection in stairs so as to minimise VOCs and maximise re-use and sustainability, we can achieve a great outcome for ourselves and the environment.

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