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Arden Architectural Staircase Maintenance Crew

Concerned about stair safety and compliance? Our maintenance crew provide code compliance upgrades and maintenance for your stairs. As industry leaders in commercial stair design and construction, we can ensure your stairs comply with the relevant building codes.

Are the stairs in your premises in peak condition?

Many stairs were constructed by companies unaware of code requirements of the day and have slipped through certification meaning there are stairs out there that will not pass an inspection by an industry expert should an accident occur.

Staircase maintenance

We specialise in ensuring your stairs comply with the building code in place when they were constructed. We can also bring them up to meet current code requirements if required.

Areas of greatest concern which are regularly encountered include:
  • Inconsistent rise and going within the stair flights causing trip hazards
  • Worn, broken or non-existent slip resistant stair nosings
  • Poor visual delineation from tread to tread;
  • Incorrect handrail heights
  • Incorrect handrail diameters
  • Handrails to one side of stair
  • Lack of tactiles.

Luminescent non-slip nosing application to your fire stairs

There is an increasing trend to improve safety on stairs in general and this is more so the fact in poorly illuminated fire stairwells. It becomes a continual exercise in damage control for the building management when each emergency building evacuation results in a “slip and fall” incident. Increasing safety in the fire stair well is achieved with the addition of luminescent non slip stair nosings.

Talk to Arden Maintenance about what we can do to help you. These and many other potential health and safety problems exist on most stairs in use in the commercial environment. Being the industry leaders in commercial stair design and construction we know what’s at stake ... do you?

Please contact us for an obligation free assessment and quote. Interstate enquiries are welcome.

Think stairs, think Arden.
Think stair safety, think Arden Maintenance

Published on: 14-Mar-2013. Topic/s: Stair safety, compliance, and regulations,Company Policies and Compliance