Arden holds BSA licensing in joinery, structural steel, stainless steel, glazing and carpentry.

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Arden's Guarantee

Arden's 12 month total guarantee, plus 6 year structural guarantee.

Peace of mind

We strive to achieve best practice in both structural design and quality finish to ensure that your investment is both safe and beautiful and that you will enjoy many years of reliable service from your Arden Architectural Staircases’ stairs and balustrades.

To protect your investment, Arden Architectural Staircases offers a free extended warranty to all our clients. We offer a warranty of 6 years from the day you take possession of your new home against minor structural defect that might affect the safety, serviceability, performance and function of your new staircase and balustrade.

Furthermore, we offer an extended warranty of twelve months from the day you take possession of your new home against minor defects in components and finishes which do not result from either usual wear and tear or arise from natural properties of the materials.

Should you be concerned in any way regarding the safety, serviceability or quality of your staircase or balustrade, please contact us and we will send one of our representatives to address the problem for you.

QBCC Protection (Queensland, Australia)

In the highly unlikely event where we might find ourselves in disagreement with respect to our liability, we would like you to be aware of our QBCC protection. Arden Architectural Staircases is licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Our license number is 121 8876.

The QBCC requires that “all work performed by contractors be in accordance with the Building Act and completed in a good and workmanlike manner”. When a contractor fails to satisfy this requirement the Authority may direct the contractor to rectify the work under section 72 of the QBCC Act: Power to require rectification of building work. The QBCC Act gives you, the consumer, the right to apply to the QBCC for the rectification of any defect in our staircases and balustrade.

The QBCC, at its discretion, can require rectification of major defects for up to six years and 3 months after completion of the work. In addition, the QBCC can require rectification of minor defects for up to six months after completion of work.

Further details about your protection under the QBCC Act can be obtained by phoning QBCC on enquiries on 139 333 or from their website,