Rio Tinto office stairs for Lang O'Rourke complete

This epic stair project set new standards for commercial stair contacting in terms of scale and scope.
Clad in stainless steel mesh imported from Germany, and spanning dozens of levels in a premium CBD skyscraper, this major project took almost one year to complete. At the time of project initiation, the $3m contract value represented one of the largest that Arden had undertaken to-date. Over 200 pages of detailed workshop drawings were generated by our detailing team in the course of the project.

Working closely with Lang O'Rourke, Arden overcame difficulties in flooding and rain damage to bring these works to the impeccable standard required, and on-time.

Arden's site supervisor, John Edwards, was pulling his hair out at times, but persevered to overcome all obstacles to deliver a sterling result. Congratulations John!

As is usual for Arden, multiple trades were brought together, and other subcontracters, such as plasterers, were managed as part of the project.