QUT Gardens Point, Science and Technology Precinct

The world of academia is currently a-buzz with the unveiling of the latest addition to the QUT Gardens Point campus, the new Science and Technology precinct.
It is with great excitement we at Arden Architectural offer our congratulations to the staff, management and students, as well as the broader community, for the opening of such monumental Brisbane Education landmark.

Arden’s role in this process was to bring a raw architectural concept through the corroborative design and client consultative process to complete in-house fabrication and installation of two towers of architectural access stairs, six feature staircases, and hundreds of metres of specialist glass and steel balustrades. QUT Sci-Tech was a multi-million dollar staircase and balustrade package subcontract and took over ten months to complete.

An array of Arden works feature prominently throughout all open spaces, from “Special K” to the “Atrium” and the sparkling façade of the “Y” block tower stairs. With nothing more than basic architectural intent, the collaborative efforts of Arden and LCPL design resulted in startling examples of contemporary staircase architecture.

We are proud of our involvement in this landmark public institutional project. We wish to thank LCPL for the opportunity to collaborate and partner with them on such an iconic project.