New stair video visualisation tool

A walk-through video of an industrial stair design by Arden
We love finding new ways to use technology to help share ideas and concepts with our clients. Nothing communicates a concept for a stair as well as a virtual 3D video walk-through, and we're happy to now have the technology to do it. We've been using 3D design technology with Autodesk Inventor for some time now, and clients have appreciated the 3D presentations we're able to provide. Now, exporting our 3D models to a rendering and virtual environment we can create realistic fly-throughs and walk-throughs to help client envisige every aspect of a stair design before a single component is fabricated.

We're endeavouring to make 3D virtual tours as part of our standard presentations to clients. You can go directly to YouTube site to see the video in full 720p HD. Stay tuned for more examples of 3D virtual tours of our architectural stairs!