M1 Commercial mono-stringer stair design released

Arden Architectural in Brisbane has released specifications of a new closed steel mono-stringer stair style with design resources for architects and specifiers.


Viewed as a sculptural object, Arden’s mono-stringer is powerful yet agile. Designed to support a staircase primarily with a riser assembly that stays clear of the edge of the stair, the mono-stringer disappears when the staircase is viewed directly from the front, allowing the slender zigzag pattern of the risers and treads to visually dominate. However, when the staircase is viewed from the sides or the back, the compelling contrast between the hardwood steps and the steel member becomes apparent. The strength of this member allows for long spans without support, enabling staircases to take advantage of multiple floor spaces with a more gradual ascent.

Adopted as an industry standard by the Australian architectural community, the mono-stringer can be praised not only for its striking physical presence, but also for how it manages to uphold its structural requirements with such seeming ease. This ease translates well either singularly or in combination with other sculptural and structural elements. Frequently, this support structure is installed in public spaces or office buildings that generate significant structural demands. Tennis fans at the Queensland Tennis Centre have the pleasure of being supported by a central powder-coated steel stringer while gripping an oxide red balustrade as they climb up the stairs. Visitors to a corporate office may enjoy the spans between floors thanks to a folded tread plate version. In a spare neutral environment, the rich colour of timber coupled with a painted black stringer creates a dynamic presence without infringing on the pre-existing aesthetics.

Each installation emphasizes the compact nature of the design— or, as Arden’s CEO Greg Browne puts it, the “beautiful understatement and clean lines”—without sacrificing Arden’s innovation and creativity. The client’s imagination directly influences the choice of materials and final structural configuration. A comprehensive gallery of this stair support can be viewed on the M1 element page of Arden’s website.