H6 Stainless steel and glass frameless balustrade style released

Arden Architectural in Brisbane has released specifications of a new modern frameless balustrade style with design resources for architects and specifiers.
Arden Architectural Staircase’s half-height stanchion balustrade is both striking and structurally sound. The inventiveness of the half-height stanchion design is not just visually intriguing; the element is also designed to bear high potential loads. Part of the weight bearing duties fall to the structurally tough glass, which supports the interior handrail. The stanchions themselves may either be made from powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel. By cantilevering each glass panel from the dual half stanchions, the balustrade remains frameless and therefore appears to float, lending it a contemporary if somewhat regal air.

“As a BSA licensed contractor, we’re intent on satisfying structural standards while exploring how far design can go,” says Scott Nicholas, Arden’s sales manager. “Half-height stanchions create this really gorgeous effect while meeting all the criteria for safety.”

The H6 style balustrade is ideal for observation balconies, mezzanines, and other prominent settings that connect one large space to another. The frameless effect inspires unbounded contemplation, and therefore is best employed for spaces that offer views of other design elements. Because the structurally tough panels are available in different degrees of opacity, the H6 is also capable of making bold statements. Some installations feature a cascading series of smoked glass panels. Other installations emphasize pairing each stainless stanchion with an overhead lighting element, making the innovative design the focus of attention.

“We design to the individual needs of the space,” Scott explains.
A full pictorial display of the frameless H6 element can be viewed by visiting the H6 element page on Arden’s website: