C4 Balustrade Design Element from Arden Released

Arden Architectural in Brisbane has released specifications of a new architectural balustrade with design resources for architects and specifiers.
Arden Architectural in Brisbane has released specifications of a new architectural balustrade in their latest technical data sheet.

Arden claims that the elegant C4 style balustrade facilitates excellent light and interpersonal connection by creating a transparent yet well defined boundary. To engender this effect, precisely cut pieces of glass infill are positioned between stainless steel stanchions. The contrast in material between stanchions and glass infill creates a pleasant tension; the balustrade is both solid and permeable at the same time.

Arden has designed the C4 style for both office and domestic spaces. In instances where the wall adjacent to the staircase is used as a display for photographs or works of art, the transparent balustrade acts as a showcase, opening up the space while simultaneously contextualizing it. In multi-level office spaces, this transparency enables co-workers to encounter each other visually throughout the day across different levels. The natural light in a given space flows through the staircase without interruption, elegantly highlighting the stainless steel stanchions as it passes through the glass. The inherent flexibility of the materials allows the element to sync perfectly with its surroundings, while providing a modern look.

“It doesn’t distract from other design elements in the space,” explains Matthew Browne, Arden’s Design Manager, “but you can still achieve some fairly dramatic effects by playing around with the infill design.”

Structurally, the load is borne by the stanchions, allowing significant creative flexibility for the specific shape of the infill. Regardless of the space or the pre-existing material choices, the stainless steel stanchions ultimately serve as stylish anchors to the more dynamic glass infill. The one common denominator among Arden’s wide variety of installations is how seamlessly they mesh with the environment, whether the underlying staircase is made from tile, wood, metal, or some other material.

Arden’s numerous dynamic variations on the C4 style design in different settings can be viewed by visiting the design element information page.