Arden Celebrates 10 Years

A brief history of how, over the course of a decade, Arden became Australia’s finest staircase company.

One of Arden’s first projects was a single flight of traditionally styled straight stairs in a private residence. On their tenth anniversary, the company is assembling a 35 flight helical staircase in the Rio Tinto corporate building, a project that involves thousands of interlocking components, a strict time schedule, and unparalleled technical expertise.

In July 2000, brothers Greg and Jim Browne began assembling staircases out of a small shed in Brisbane’s industrial district. Ten years later, they celebrated a decade’s worth of business in their new facility just a few streets over from the old shed, where approximately 30 full time and 20 sub-contracted employees create Australia’s finest architectural staircases.

Greg Browne’s background as a builder of houses and small apartment buildings prepared him for the enormous challenges of coordinating the design and assembly of staircases, an architectural form that surpasses most other building types in complexity.

In ten years of business, Greg and Arden have created commercial, industrial, and residential installations that have won peer acclaim for their inventiveness and structural finesse. From the Queensland Tennis Center to the QIC Corporate Offices, each of Arden’s installations is a compact demonstration of aesthetic innovation and structural mastery. Ask any Arden employee—from the project cost estimators to the structural engineers to the timber and steel fabricators—why they work here, and invariably they say that they love the challenge.

Arden’s success has not engendered complacency, but a renewed hunger to tackle even greater challenges. As the Rio Tinto gradually rises into the Brisbane skyline, Arden looks forward to the next ten years of unprecedented installations.