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Date November 2007-Feburary 2008
Client ADCO Constructions
Design partner PDT
Consulting engineer Structerre/Facet Consulting

Queensland Academy for Creative Industries

Strength, beauty and practicality can co-exist.

Queensland Academy of Creative Industries Project (2008) QACI, Musk St, Kelvin Grove

A distinctive staircase harmonises with the lower art gallery while attractively channelling visitors to the cinema above.
As majestic as a well displayed sculpture, this elegant staircase floats above the feature floor, stainless steel and glass perched on the precisely folded geometry of timber treads.

Stringer Construction: Commercial grade powdercoated steel folded tread plate free spanning mono-stringers engineered for crowd loads (MS1).

Treads: Manufactured pre-finished 62mm Spotted Gum right-angled tread/riser assemblies with rebated 50mm Latham 493S “Sparkling Black” non-slip nosing strips.

Balustrade: Satin stainless steel 100x50mm RHS stanchion with clasps, 12mm clear toughened glass in-fill panels, Continuous 38.1mm CHS stainless steel handrail (C6). Balustrade designed to resist crowd loadings.