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Date December 2008
Client S360
Design partner Harry Poulos Architects
Consulting engineer Facet Consulting

Mullins Lawyers Offices

Refined and serine these stairs are a true study of sophistication.

Mullins Lawyers Offices Refurbishment Project (2008) Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle St, Brisbane.

It is difficult to justly describe a space like this without gushing, it truly is stunning, every element maintains a level of elegance rarely achieved. To introduce to this space an element as essential to realising the overall vision as the stair, a carefully considered design was required. Intensive co-ordination between Arden and HPA resulted in this exquisite creation. The satin finish of stainless steel and the earthy tones of Spotted Gum balanced the cool glimmer of glass. The result is amazing.

Stringer Construction: Commercial grade laser cut 12mm plate stainless steel zigzag visual stringers to No. 4 finish (PS2)

Treads: Manufactured pre-finished select grade Spotted Gum tread/riser assemblies with rebated 50mm Latham 493S “Sparkling Black” non-slip nosing strips

Balustrade: Twin 50x12mm flat bar satin stainless steel stanchions with 38mm satin stainless steel through glass patch fittings supporting 12mm clear toughened glass in-fill balustrade, and combination pre-finished rebated 100x32mm Spotted Gum and stainless steel 100x12mm flat bar stair handrails with solid 100x42mm stairwell void handrails.

Other Elements: Extensive under slab structural steel reinforcing, Glass partition walls.