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Date March-April 2006
Client McNab Constructions
Design partner Design by Arden
Consulting engineer Roy B Hoskins and Associates

Euromarque Automotive Showroom

A sinuous ribbon of glass winds delicately around a dramatic steel tower.

Euromarque Showroom Project (2006) Wickham St, Fortitude Valley.

A dominating pillar of silver wrapped with a crystal band manages a rare prominence within the company of such automotive pedigree. An overt creation built to attract clients beyond the foyer to the Ferrari showroom above.

Stringer Construction: Commercial grade nominal 1600mm painted steel central structural column with laser-cut and fabricated tapered tread plates welded around it.

Treads: Pre-finished select grade Tasmanian Oak manufactured tapered treads screwed to the steel tread plates with rebated 33mm Latham 322S “Sparkling Black” non-slip nosing strips.

Balustrade (Stairs): 12mm cantilevered clear toughened curved glass panels supported via 38mm stainless steel through glass patch fittings attached directly to the tread ends, and Continuous 38.1mm CHS stainless steel handrail. (PF10)

Balustrade (Level): By others